Vikas Sahyog Pratishthan has been working towards building a sustainable economy that is ecologically sensitive and promotes equality among all members of a community. To achieve this, we have been providing financial, technical and institutional support to the rural poor, landless or marginal farmers, distressed farmers and women through strategically designed interventions.

With the help of Rangoonwala Foundation India Trust (RFIT) and EdelGive Foundation, we are implementing projects in 90 villages in Vidarbha region’s Buldhana and Amravati districts. The initiative aims at empowering the rural communities and constitutes of activities designed for capacity building, skill training, awareness about community and individual rights, and implementation of government’s development schemes.

As part of the initiatives, we have models like Parisar Baug to promote sustainable agricultural practices. 500 Parisar Baug have been established which contributes to Rs. 2370 of saving for each beneficiary. We have conducted training on Goat rearing and poultry which has led to establishment of 6 goat rearing enterprises and 200 backyard poultry units. This has benefited around 800 SHG members. VSP aims to bring land under proper irrigation, process and increase the production and for generation of income. In a bid to achieve this, VSP provides agricultural equipment such as sprinkler unit, spiral separator, etc. to farmers.

In addition to these projects, VSP has launched Project Aarambham in association with Global Synergizers. The program aims to provide a sustainable livelihood for marginalized families using an environment friendly mechanism. The program identifies 30 deserving candidates from each taluka who are provided with an e-rickshaw to earn a source of livelihood. The EMI and maintenance charges are collected on a daily basis. The overall objective of the program is to reach out to 1000 families (30 families per taluka/ block) and provide them with sustainable livelihood option and to drive a project through a collaborative model for making a larger impact

Impact of our Education Programs


Student Deficit Covered in Buldana


Student deficit covered in Dhule


Students have improved reading skills

VSP developed a way of enhancing quality in existing education system expressed in terms of needs based criteria. VSP program focused on skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that learning and teaching could motivate, reflect and respond to the needs and expectations of individual child holistic development Et the community at large. VSP carries out this program through the following activities: Age appropriate teaching - Learning enhancement for covering deficit Social and Financial Literacy - Financial inclusiveness through school collaborations Youth Development - Leadership Development through progressive values

Addressed learning deficit found in field villages through 25 Learning Centers and supported 40 Schools in addressing drop out of students especially girls. Policy level intervention are extremely needed. E.g. As per the RTE Act norms Govt. have not included SDP Budgetary provision in State Education Budget, Thus work is needed to push such policy demands.

Language being a key constraint for NT/DNT and tribal children accessing education, teachers able to communicate in multiple languages are more impactful. More than 70 % the children in schools are not learning at grade level therefore there is need for 2 years interaction with Children for more impact of the age appropriate teaching learning process About Us Vikas Sahyog Pratishthan (VSP) means Development Collaboration Foundation is a voluntary organization working with deprived communities in rural parts of Maharashtra. VSP enable communities to improve Sustainability of Livelihood status, Education and assert Dignity of disadvantaged communities. In terms of services the expertise of VSP is in information dissemination, training, lobbying, policy advocacy etc. VSP has been working with various support organizations and part of different networks operating at local, national and international level.

Rejuvenating existing Water Infrastructures

Advocacy efforts done for establishment of Check Dams, 2 Temporary Bunds, repairing of 21 Hand Pumps.

2,76,47,845 liters of water became available within one month period.

836 animals are getting availability of drinking water.

Creating Water Conservation Structures

Repairing of water resources such as Well recharge and deepening, Naala deepening, Bore well have benefitted – 616 families and 615 animals are getting drinking water, and around 600 farmers are getting irrigation for their farms.

2741 families got access to drinking water.

Around 92 acres of land under irrigation even after hailstorm.

Around 1370 farmers are getting irrigation to their farms..

VSP has also contributed through Tree Plantation in 16 villages of Buldana district.

The key objectives of Vikas Sahyog Pratishthan’s Sanitation and Hygiene program are as follows:
To ensure there’s consumption of clean and safe drinking water
Creating Water Conservation Structures to be sources of clean water
Promoting Sanitation and Hygiene at grassroots

Safe drinking water, sanitation and living in healthy environment are basic needs of the society. VSP addresses these needs through the initiatives in Sanitation and Hygiene in Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra. Considering the fact that children are the change agents of the society, VSP intervenes with Ashram Schools which is the permanent institution in the community. Our children have brought positive behavioral changes in their own life, their family and in others. 300 students from Ashram Schools were educated regarding the importance of washing hands and developed a sense of protection and health.
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